Bob Revolution SE vs Bob Sport Utility

BOB Revolution SE Stroller

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

I would start my comparison of BOB Revolution SE and the Sport Utility by saying that there are strollers for jogging, and strollers for running. The BOB Sport Utility with a fixed front wheel is a jogger designed for runners, while the Revolution SE though more versatile with the swivel front wheel is a stroller that is more suited for walks in the neighbourhood, malls, crowded city sidewalks and parks.

You can lock the front wheel of the Revolution SE into jogging mode when you want, which increases the usage options. Because swivel wheel strollers are very easy to manoeuvre, parents love the BOB Revolution SE, and it is no surprise that it has more following amongst jogging mamas than the Sport Utility.

However, runners know that a fixed wheel stroller tracks better on straight lines, and because the front wheel is rigid with no risk of a locking device failure – because there isn’t any, BOB Sport Utility is the choice for running moms and dads.

BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller

BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller

I have heard parents say that the major difference between BOB Sport Utility and the Revolution SE is in their prices. But that is missing the purpose in the designs of the two strollers. One may be cheaper than the other, but when a choice is between a fixed wheel and a swivel wheel stroller, the deciding factor for you should not be which is a cheaper stroller.

You may get a good deal on BOB Strollers, but a BOB is not cheap in any sense. The question to asked is, are you a jogger or a runner? If you are prepared to splash out on quality jogging stroller like a BOB, make your decision wisely so you don’t end up with a collection of strollers you rarely use!

Runners would buy BOB Sport Utility knowing they will lose the versatility in the swivel wheel of a Revolution SE, but the BOB SU performance when tackling rough off-road tracks with the knobby pneumatic tires, far outweighs any nippy city advantage of the Revolution SE. It is common for running parents to have both strollers, or purchase a cheaper swivel wheel jogger like the Schwinn Turismo for everyday use.

BOB Revolution SE BOB Sport Utility
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Key Differences between BOB Revolution SE vs Bob Sport Utility Stroller

The Wheels – A quick look at the strollers, and the first thing you will notice that is different are the front wheels, and for very good reasons too. While the size of the wheels are the same, BOB Revolution SE has a swivel front that can be locked, and the Sport Utility spots a fixed wheel with a distinct mud guard that stops your child catching dirt and soils from the wheel, when you go running off-road. And there are a few more differences in their wheels:

  • Rugged knobby tires that are only found on the Sports Utility. Other BOB strollers have Semi-Slick tires with shallower groves, and less grip, particularly on wet surfaces.
  • Width of tires on BOB Sport Utility is 2.0 inches, compared with 1.75 inch wide tires on the BOB Revolution SE. Wider knobby tires on the BOB Sport stroller gives it a firmer grip on the road, just like you will find on an off-road SUV. Narrower tires on the Revolution SE is not a bad thing though, as it is a feature that allows the jogger to roll easily over smoother surfaces on which it will be mostly used as a regular everyday stroller.

Hand Brake – BOB Sport Utility has a hand brake that is not available on the Revolution SE. While a hand brake is not necessary in a jogging stroller, it is a very useful feature that allows a runner better control of a stroller, particularly when going down hill and terrains with slopes.

Available Colors – You can buy the Revolution SE Single in a choice of 4 colors – Navy, Orange, Plum and Black, the SE Duallie is not available Plum. BOB Sports Utility Single has two colors – Blue and Orange; but you can only get the Double in Orange.

Recommended Retail Prices:

BOB Revolution SE Single – $449
BOB Revolution SE Duallie (Double) – $659

BOB Sports Utility Single – $379
BOB Sports Utility Duallie (Double) – $519

These are guide prices from BOB Gear website. The strollers are are a lot cheaper on online stores like Amazon. There is a significant price difference between the BOB Sports Utility and the Revolution SE, whether you are looking to purchase the single or Duallie (Double) strollers.

BOB Revolution SE BOB Sport Utility
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When comparing a swivel wheel jogger and a fixed wheel, being cheaper should not be what swings the choice for you. Most parents that have made such decision based on price, regret it later. Your decision should be on whether the Revolution SE or BOB Utility will serve you better. Are you a jogger, or a runner?

The Similarities Between BOB Revolution SE vs Bob Sport Utility

Although the two strollers are designed with key features that set then apart for parents with different lifestyles, majority of the features on both strollers are exactly the same as I will summarise below:

Easy to Fold – The Revolution SE and Sport Utility are folded into small sizes in two quick steps for transportation and storage. Parents find it convenient to fold the strollers while still carrying a baby.

Stroller Safety Features – Both strollers are fitted with padded adjustable 5-point safety harness that secures babies, toddlers and infants in comfort. Foot operated parking brake is available to keep the strollers stationary at stops, and there is a wrist strap that is used to attach the stroller to parents while jogging or running.

I don’t think the wrist strap on a stroller is given the safety attention it deserves, but if you are a runner and trip or fall, stopping a stroller running away with your child becomes very important indeed. The wrist strap will do that job for you.

Total Weight Capacity of Strollers (Baby + Contents):

BOB Revolution SE Single – 70 lbs/31.75 kg
BOB Revolution SE Duallie – 100 lbs/45.4 kg

BOB Sports Utility Single – 70 lbs/31.75 kg
BOB Sports Utility Duallie – 100 lbs/45.4 kg

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller
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BOB Handlebar Console For Duallie Strollers - Black
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BOB Sport Utility Duallie Stroller Orange
BOB Sport Utility Duallie Stroller – Fixed Wheel – OrangeCheck Today’s Price

You should be aware the double strollers are bulky, just like many double joggers, and may not easily fit in the trunks of small cars. The wheels on both the double and single strollers can be removed with quick release mechanism to fold the strollers into more compact sizes.

Tires for All Terrains – The tires are pneumatic or air filled which make the strollers easy to push on all surfaces. The wheels are also made of High-impact polymer composite that will not rust.

Adjustable Suspensions – The shock absorbers with elastomer core can be adjusted to provide comfortable ride for different weight of babies, and has 3 inches of wheel travel that absorbs bumps on rough terrains before they reach occupants of the strollers.

Handlebar and Height – The handles on the Sport Utility and the BOB Revolution are 40 inches high. They are not however adjustable as most tall parents would prefer. The handles are well padded for firm and comfortable grip on the stroller..

Weather Canopy – You cannot miss the large sun canopy of the Revolution SE and BOB Sport Utility. It retracts in multiple positions to provide good protection for babies from harmful effects of hash sun, and windy condition.

Storage on Stroller – Space is not something you will find lacking on the strollers. Pack as much as you like for your baby, as there is the Low Boy Cargo Basket, large seatback pocket, and internal seat pockets to store stuff for babies and your personal items.

Are The Strollers Travel System Compatible ?– If you are a parent with newborn, BOB Revolution SE and the Sport Utility can be converted to a travel system that will allow you carry babies from birth on the strollers. Optional Infant Carseat Adapters purchased separately are used to fit a child car seat to the strollers. Both strollers are compatible with popular infant car seats from Brittax, Graco, Peg Perego, Chicco and many other brands

BOB Revolution SE BOB Sport Utility
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Would you buy the BOB Revolution SE or Bob Sports Utility Stroller ?

I started comparing the BOB Revolution SE and Sport Utility stroller with a statement that, there are two types or baby jogging strollers, those for joggers, and those for runners.

From my experience in reviewing stroller performance and how suitable they are for parents, the decision to buy the Revolution SE will depend on whether you will be using the stroller mostly for every day errands to the shopping malls, family walks in the park and neighbourhood, and jogging on and off roads. Yes, you can do some serious jogging workouts with the versatility of the Revolution SE.

But if you are more of a runner, there can be only one choice – the BOB Sports Utility. Running mamas and papas know what I am talking about, for we do some times look down on joggers when we run pass them!. The Sports Utility is a tough and durable stroller you can regularly take for long distance runs with a big kid, or marathon fitness training, and be sure you’ll still be using the same stroller many years later.

BOB Revolution Flex jogging stroller is a new release with all the features of the Revolution SE plus additional features like an adjustable handle that parents can use to either increase or reduce the pushing height to a comfortable level.

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller BlackBOB Revolution FLEX Stroller BlackpriceBOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller BlackBOB Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller Blackprice

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.


  1. Can the wheels be changed out from the fixed to the swivel on the sport utility stroller??

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Heather,

      You can’t change the fixed wheel on Bob Sport Utility stroller to swivel wheel. It is not designed to convert from fixed wheel to swivel wheel.


  2. HI there!
    Thanks for the review! It is helping me make my decision (Rev Pro vs Sport Utility).
    I do a mix of road and trail running. Do you think the SU model will do well on the roads, with those knobby tires? Also, I have never used a jogging stroller, so that is why I am hung up on which model to purchase… Is the stability that much different from a locked wheel vs a fixed wheel? I like the idea of the larger front tire on the fixed models, because I know it will ride over rough terrain better. Any feedback would be great! Thank you!

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Dawn,

      If you are an off road runner, I would definitely recommend the Sports Utility. It is more stable on uneven and bumpy surfaces, and tracks better on straight line when running. The wheels on the SU handles trail running very well. Swivel wheel jogging strollers though stable, have some wobble in the locked mode when used over rough terrain, but there is no wobble in the fixed front wheel jogging strollers

      And I agree the larger the front wheel, the quicker you can run with the stroller. But this comes at what some may consider a disadvantage because jogging strollers with large wheels tend to be considerably bulkier in size.

      Hope this is helpful.

      Best Regards

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