Best Jogging Strollers for Runners

BOB Ironman Single StrollerPicking the best jogging strollers for runners from so many varieties of strollers available today can be challenging if you are not sure what makes a jogging stroller a good runner. Jogging strollers that can be used on different surfaces or environment are often grouped and referred to as all-terrain strollers. They are very popular with parents because many are all-rounders you can take anywhere with your baby.

All terrain baby joggers stand out with large swivel front wheels and pneumatic tires that make them very easy to push on bumpy and smooth surfaces, and are very maneuverable in tight city corners and crowded sidewalks. The front wheel can be locked, converting them into fixed wheel strollers that track better in straight line when you are jogging.

But if however you are a keen jogger or a runner, a typical all terrain jogger may not be suitable for you if you want your stroller to do more than take your little beauty to the mall, go jogging in relatively smooth city surfaces, or cruise around your neighborhood. And to find out why, we researched features in strollers that will make them not just good jogging strollers, but the best for runners like you.

Our choice of the best stroller for runners is the Bob Ironman Single Stroller

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To arrive at our choice, we reviewed ten popular strollers on Amazon, comparing features that are important in a stroller for runners.  Information we used were gathered from manufacturers’ specifications, user manuals, videos and customer satisfaction ratings on Amazon.  If you are an avid jogger or runner, you should also check these features in a stroller before you buy a jogging stroller:

The Wheels

This is the most important feature to check when shopping for a stroller for runners. While some all-terrain strollers can be used for running if their front wheel can be locked, and pointing in the forward position which make them track better on straight line and rough terrains, the front wheels in others wobble even when locked. Front wheels that wobble slightly in the locked position are also deliberate design in some swivel wheel strollers so they still retain that ease of turning them turning around tight corners.Bob Ironman Single Stroller Fixed Wheel

Runners, however, run in straight lines mostly and wobbly front wheels on a stroller tend to point the baby jogger in the wrong direction. You do not want this happening with your little angle strapped in. And if you ever go running with a swivel wheel baby jogger, make sure the front wheel is firmly locked. Every manufacturer we researched has a warning about running without locking the front wheel of a swivel stroller.

The best wheel design for a running stroller is a fixed front wheel. This laminates the wobble in the front wheel, and keeps the stroller dead straight as you run. Strollers for runners perform better with big diameter wheels and narrow tires. They are easy to push and cover more distance per revolution, just as you would find in road bikes. All the baby joggers we reviewed have large 16 inch front wheels; some however have narrower low profile tires than others.

If you will be using a running stroller in crowded city sidewalks or shopping malls, the width at the rear wheels should be considered. Though strollers with shorter distance between the rear wheels are slimmer, sleek looking, easier to push through doors and maneuver around corners; wider strollers are more stable and have more room for bigger babies.

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Handlebar Height

The next consideration for a good running stroller in our opinion is the height of the handle bar. If you are a tall jogger and will be using it with your partner that is not so tall, or even taller than you, then consider a stroller with adjustable handlebar height. It is so important that you maintain a straight profile when running with a baby jogger, and to achieve this, the handlebar have to be at the right level for your height.

Avoid a stroller that will require you stooping to push while running. That will not be good for your back if you run regularly in that position.

The Suspension

A good running stroller should have a suspension system that is better than what you will find in your average jogging stroller. It should be able to absorb the shocks from bumps and jerks over rough terrains with your baby hardly feeling any of it. Some strollers have shock absorbing systems customers have described as so good their baby could hardly feel anything over the roughest trails. Coiled spring and compressed air shock absorbing systems are some of the designs you will find in jogging strollers.


Jogging strollers that are used for running are subjected to harsher surfaces and rougher handling than strollers you would use to cruise your neighborhood and shopping malls. High strength aluminium frames and wheels, and easy care hard wearing fabrics are what to check in a good baby jogger for runners.  Strollers with molded plastic wheels may be good for light joggers, but they do not score highly in our review for the best jogging strollers for runners.

Jogging strollers in our top ten popular list were rated 1 to 5 on each of these features, the stroller that performs best in a feature was scored 5, and the poorest performer got 1. Scores on all the features were added up, and a stroller with the highest score is our overall best jogging stroller for runners.

Bob Ironman Single Stroller average score was the highest in our research and come out our #1 jogging stroller for running. Cheaper than the Bob Ironman, yet compared very closely in our review is the Joovy Zoom ATS Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller at the #2 spot. They are both rugged strollers, made of high strength aluminium with 16 inches fixed front wheel.

The Bob Ironman Single Stroller took the top spot because of better coiled spring suspension systems with elastomer core that provides 3 inches of wheel travel for an exceptionally smooth ride.  The suspension can be adjusted to suit varying occupants, just as you can also adjust the front wheel for better straight line tracking. Though the Joovy Zoom ATS has a sleeker design, the Bob Ironman has a more rugged look and feel which we scored above beauty for a running stroller.

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If you are looking for the best stroller for runners, one that is ruggedly built to last, with all the good baby safety and comfort features that are important in baby joggers, we highly recommend the Bob Ironman Single Stroller 

How to run with Bob Ironman Jogging Stroller – Video Tips!

Where to get a good Deal on the Bob Ironman

Now you have done your research, and I hope I have been able to guide your decision on the best stroller for running, where do you go hunting for the best deals?

Online stores without a doubt provide better deals on most purchases these days, and that is true for strollers. This display will refresh every few seconds, listing current prices and deals available on Amazon for the Ironman. Have a look at the product displays, you may find the stroller at a good discount that is within your budget.

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