Best Jogging Stroller for Under $200

Best Jogging Stroller for Under $200Which is the best jogging stroller for under $200? A question often asked by parents looking for value for their money. Our detailed review of popular baby joggers reveals the jogging stroller that will cost you less than $200, and packed with all the great features you would expect in more expensive products.

As we researched baby joggers for our reviews, we have learnt that when parents are looking for a jogging stroller to purchase, uppermost in their minds are those features that will deliver maximum safety and comfort for their babies.  And when parents get more of these value features in a baby jogger that sells for under $200, they are extremely very pleased with their purchase.

Our choice of the best jogging stroller you can buy for under $200 is the Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger.

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To arrive at our choice, we reviewed 10 popular jogging strollers that cost under $200 on Amazon, and with information gathered from the manufacturers website, user manuals, videos, customer satisfaction reviews and ratings, we compared the following important  features:

  • The Safety features available to secure your child while jogging. All the baby joggers have adjustable 5 point safety harness, but some are better padded than others to give your child a tight but snug fit
  • Is it equipped with parking brake to keep it rolling away when stationary, and breaking system for speed control on hills or slopes?
  • Is the seat well padded for comfort, and can it be reclined to various positions to suit your child?
  • Are there enough space for storing your baby stuff like snacks, water bottle and diaper bags? Some joggers even have enough space for your groceries.
  • How light is the jogging stroller and can it be folded to a compact size?
  • How much weight can the jogger carry and will your child be able to use it for longer as he or she grows?
  • Is it an all terrain stroller that you can use in rough and smooth surfaces? With pneumatic tires to push the stroller easily, swivel wheels for turning in tight corners and front wheel that can be locked for straight tracking and increased stability when jogging or running.
  • To make our selection for the review, a jogging stroller has to be selling for under $200, and point is deducted  if this is achieved due to promotional offers.
  • The average customer satisfaction ratings and how many customers that have rated a jogging stroller were also considered.

Best Jogging Stroller for Under $200

Based on these criteria, jogging strollers that made our list of under $200 were scored from 1 to 5 on each aspect depending on how they compare with each other. The best was scored 5, and the poorest scored 1. The scores were tallied, and we selected the jogger with the highest total score as our best jogging stroller for under $200.

Our result is quite interesting as it proved that the best baby jogger is not necessarily the cheapest.  The InStep Safari Swivel Jogger is the cheapest on our list, with a pretty good overall score, having also scored maximum for price. It was however beaten to the #1 spot by better features on the Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger.

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The Schwinn Turismo scored the highest for customer satisfaction and is rated by more customers, confirming why it is a popular baby jogger in this price range. The frame and tire rims are made with high strength aluminium. The rims on some of the under $200 jogging strollers you will find are made of molded plastic which may not last you very long on bumpy surfaces, particularly for keen joggers and runners that take to rough terrains. The swivel front wheel can be locked forward, converting the stroller into a fixed wheel baby jogger that is more stable and tracks better on straight trails for joggers and runners.

Though the Schwinn Turismo is about 3 pounds heavier than the lightest jogging stroller on our list, it folds into a compact size for easy storage.

The button and trigger that lock and release the front wheel are cleverly positioned on the push handle so you can quickly switch between strolling and jogging mode on the go.  On most swivel joggers, the locking lever is positioned on the front wheel requiring you to stop, walk to the front of the stroller to engage or disengage the wheel.  Click Schwinn Turismo to read more about other great features in our full review.

If you are looking for a jogging stroller that is under $200, one that is recommended by a lot of parents as value for money, a bargain all terrain baby jogger that is fashionably designed and solidly build to last, the Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger based on our research is one you should consider.

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