Best Activity Toys for Strollers

Tomy Lamaze Play and Grow Take Along Robot ToyGoing for a walk is one thing, but taking your child along on a stroller adds some excitement and challenge. Younger children tend to get restless after a while, and dealing with a screaming toddler can be a real headache especially when you’re in public.

But you can take care of these by getting a good activity toy for strollers that will keep your child busy and entertained, allowing you to enjoy your walk.

The best activities toys for strollers would have most of the qualities we listed below.  They are very versatile, and can be used not just for strollers, but are great for engaging and entertaining kids at home, in the car, or any situation you may find your child needs attention.

Benefits of Activity Toys for Strollers

  • Learn Colors – Most activity toys for strollers come in bright colors. They come in just the right shade to get your child’s attention.
  • Entertained – toys with a lot of moving parts and bright colors can keep any child entertained. This is why they are perfect for long stroller rides and even car trips.
  • Build motor skills – stroller toys help children build some of their motor skills like holding things in their hands. They will be entertained and will be learning at the same time.
  • Learn sounds – some activity toys come with bells or other forms of sound. These sounds can help your children identify sounds.

Our #1 – Tomy Lamaze Play and Grow Take Along Robot Toy

Lamaze Clip & Go Rusty the RobotLamaze Clip & Go Rusty the RobotpriceOther Brands to Choose from

  • My Natural Clip n Go Stroller Toy a simple toy with a cute bee design, this Clip n Go stroller toy is made with soft cotton and can easily be attached to stroller bars, carriers, and even diaper bags for ease of access.
  • Stroller Bar Activity Toy (Skip Hop) a stroller toy designed for new borns, it comes with a pear-shaped rattle, a banana teether, as well as a removable zebra plushie for your child to hold. It can easily be attached to baby carriers and stroller bars so that your child can enjoy his favorite toy wherever you go.
  • Take Along Carrier Toy Bar (Bright Starts) a toy that is a feast for a tot’s senses, the Take Along Carrier Toy Bar comes with a variety of toys including: a spinning zebra roller ball, a melody-playing tiger and a spinning paddle mirror. This toy requires batteries, and is easy to attach and detach from the carrier.
  • Disney Lion King Soft Book (Fisher Price) You can’t go wrong with the classics. This Lion King Soft Book stroller toy has 6 pages with cute pictures inspired by The Lion King. Your child can practice turning the pages of a book with this toy, and as an additional feature, it has a Zazu teether for your teething child.
  • Infanto Spiral Activity Toy it has everything a baby will love: moving parts, noise makers and textured fabrics. It will be enough to keep your child busy for hours, allowing parents to get their errands done in peace.

Our #1 – Tomy Lamaze Play and Grow Take Along Robot Toy, and other five great stroller toys you may consider

Lamaze Clip & Go Rusty the RobotLamaze Clip & Go Rusty the RobotpriceMy Natural Clip n Go Stroller Toy SnailMy Natural Clip n Go Stroller ToypriceSkip Hop Alphabet Zoo Stroller Bar Activity Toy MultiSkip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity ToypriceBright Starts Take Along Carrier Toy BarBright Starts Take Along Carrier ToypriceFisher-Price Disney Lion King Soft Book Fisher-Price Disney Lion King Soft BookpriceInfantino Spiral Activity Toy BlueInfantino Spiral Activity Toy Blueprice

Our Recommended Brand: Tomy Lamaze Play and Grow Take Along Toy

This activity toy is perfect for babies whose families are always on the go. Its size is bigger compared to other toys, and because of this, it is able to accommodate more features to keep your young one busy and playing for hours on end. The best part is that with its Lamaze Clip, you can the Lamaze Play and Grow Take Along Toy just about anywhere you and your child goes, making it an ideal travel companion for kids’ entertainment.

  • Big design – it is a sure favorite for your child from the first time he sees it, as it features a big, colorful design that will grab their attention right off the bat.
  • Tomy Lamaze Play and Grow Take Along Robot ToyFriendly face and eyes – one of the most distinct features of this toy is its face with large eyes. Babies will focus on it, allowing their eyes to develop in a healthy manner.
  • Different textures – the robot activity toy is made with different textured fabrics that can also help to develop your child’s sense of touch.
  • Noise making feet – when the robot’s feet are squeezed, they make a sound. Perfect for children looking to explore.
  • Stretchable arms – the arms on the robot can be easily stretched by baby, this is a good exercise for them as it will help in the development of their arm muscles.
  • Discovery mirror – the robot even comes with a little mirror. This feature will teach your child to identify himself when he sees it.
  • Lamaze Clip – the featured clip on the robot allows it to be attached onto most things like the baby’s stroller bar, the carrier, or even the diaper bag. This makes it easier for the toy to be taken just about anywhere.


Finding great activity toys for your child is not difficult as there are many varieties always available for purchase from local retail shops, and online like Amazon.  However, before you make a purchase for an activity toy that is best for your child, it is a good idea to read about the features it offers, and ensure it is made from child-friendly material.

Reputable brand toys and fully tested and approved by government regulatory authorities for child products before they are put on sale.

I will recommend reading other parents reviews about any particular activity toy for strollers that may interest you. The reviews may not be perfect, as what one parents likes in not toy may not be another parents idea of a good feature, but you will learn a lot about the toy by reading the reviews from parents

And my last advise is to shop online for the best deals on activity toys for toddlers and infants that can be used on strollers.

Our #1 – Tomy Lamaze Play and Grow Take Along Robot Toy

Lamaze Clip & Go Rusty the RobotLamaze Clip & Go Rusty the Robotprice

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