Baby Trend Hello Kitty Calypso Jogger Review

Hello Kitty Calypso has been around for decades and her cute kitty face is seen on every item you canBaby Trend Hello Kitty Calypso Jogger think of, and now you can enjoy her on your child’s stroller with the Baby Trend Hello Kitty Calypso Jogger. It’s the perfect stroller for both the Hello Kitty loving parent, and child.

It has everything a parent would want on a stroller, a parent tray with bonus speakers, to a head rest that is sure to provide the best comfort for your child.

Key Features of  Baby Trend Hello Kitty Calypso Jogger

  • Hello Kitty Headrest – Your child’s head will be sleeping easy with the large hello kitty headrest.
  • Reclining Seat – To ensure a more comfortable ride for your child, the seat easily reclines to various positions so your child can easily lie down or sit up during the ride.
  • Compatible with Car Seats – This is a perfect stroller to have for parents with a new born child. The cabin is compatible with most car seats, allowing you to create a travel system with ease.
  • Child Tray – Your child can keep their favorite toys, snacks and even drinks close by for the ride, as the stroller comes with a handy child tray that features cup holders so your child can stay hydrated under the sun.
  • Parent Tray – Your child won’t be the only one with a place for their items. The Baby Trend Hello Kitty Calypso Stroller features a parent tray by the handlebars. it has two cup holders, and a small compartment for your phone, wallet and keys.
  • Built in MP3 Speakers – Some children can’t fall asleep or won’t calm down without hearing their favorite lullabies. Now you can play it during your ride on the stroller’s built in MP3 speakers. It is compatible with most phones.
  • Adjustable Handlebars – Whether it’s mom or dad taking baby outside, you don’t have to worry because the handlebars can be adjusted according to the parent’s height for better handling.
  • One Hand Fold – After a stroll or a run through the park, the stroller easily folds up into a standing position for storage.
  • Lightweight Design – Another thing parents love about this particular stroller is its lightweight design. It can easily be carried by mom or dad and lifted into a trunk of the car with no trouble at all.
  • Storage Dasket – Need to bring items with you on your run like a diaper bag? Easily put it into the stroller’s large storage basket so you always have it with you.

The Baby Trend Hello Kitty Calypso Jogger is cute and will look really good with a baby girl.

Baby Trend Hello Kitty Calypso JoggerBaby Trend Hello Kitty Calypso Jogger priceSafety Features

  • Lockable front swivel wheel – When you go for a run, always remember to lock the front swivel wheel of the stroller to make it easier to maneuver and to help prevent any accidents that could occur.
  • 5 point harness – The stroller comes with a 5 point harness that keeps your child securely in place as you run.
  • Tether strap – The tether strap attaches to your wrist so even if you accidentally let go of the handlebars, the stroller does not run away with your child.
  • Adjustable canopy roof – The sun can be your enemy during morning runs. Luckily the stroller’s adjustable canopy roof ensures that your child stays safe from the sun’s rays but still be able to see the surroundings.

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Available Styles

The Baby Trend Hello Kitty Jogger Stroller comes in only one design: a rich black color with pink outlines, and of course a large hello kitty head rest. It is definitely cute and will be sure to attract a lot of smiles from people you meet on your runs and errands.

The Baby Trend Hello Kitty Calypso Jogger is cute and can be fitted with matching infant car seat without a need for an adapter.

Baby Trend Hello Kitty Calypso JoggerBaby Trend Hello Kitty Calypso Jogger StrollerpriceBaby Trend Hello Kitty Jogger Travel System - Baby Strollers Baby Trend Hello Kitty Jogger Travel System – Baby Strollers priceSize and Capacity

Here is what you can expect from the Baby Trend Hello Kitty Calypso Jogger in terms of size, capacity and dimensions:

  • Item weight: 30.9 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions: 31.9x 17.9x 14.7 inches
  • Maximum weight: 50 lbs.

IMPORTANT: always follow your stroller’s recommended maximum weight capacity, as overloading any stroller can lead the stroller tipping over, or making it unbalanced.

How much should you pay?

If you’re a fan of Hello Kitty, then you would be happy to know that though the list price of Baby Trend Hello Kitty Polka Dot Floral Jogger stroller is $219.99, it is sold for considerable less in reputable online stores. This a design that many parents with baby girl will find appealing, with its pink floral patterns and frames.

It also compliments other Hello Kitty products like the Baby Trend Serene Nursery Center, and Portable High Chair Easyseat Toddler Booster.

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The Baby Trend Hello Kitty Calypso Jogger Stroller is cute and fun, and most parents are happy with their purchase. They love the stroller for its design and functionality, but some parents have commented on a few things to watch out for, like the stroller’s fold lock sometimes coming undone. This can be prevented by double checking the locks when it is folded up to ensure that it doesn’t come undone.

Some parents also mentioned that they have difficulty steering the Calypso Jogger Stroller when it is in jogging mode. This is really not an issue, as all strollers in jogging mode have the front wheel locked and are steered by slightly lifting the front wheel.


You don’t find a lot of jogger strollers with a fun design that children would love, and the Baby Trend Hello Kitty Calypso Jogger Stroller is one of these. If you decide to get this, and plan to use the stroller for jogging, remember that it is easier to steer the stroller in the fixed front wheel mode by slightly lifting the front wheel

Another reason you may want to buy the Baby Trend Hello Kitty Jogger Stroller is the designs that compliment many Hello Kitty baby products.

The Baby Trend Hello Kitty Calypso Jogger with color matching frame, child and parent trays, and one hand fold.

Baby Trend Hello Kitty Calypso JoggerBaby Trend Hello Kitty Calypso Jogger price

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