Baby Jogger Parent Console – An Essential Optional Accessory

Universal Baby Jogger Parent Console

Universal Baby Jogger Parent Console

Parents often do not carefully check the accessories included in their purchase of a Baby Jogger Stroller, and are surprised that they have to buy the parent console as an optional accessory. Ouch! an additional cost.

While the console is included as a standard feature in Baby Trend, Jeep and many other jogging strollers, not so when you buy a Baby Jogger that cost considerably more. The way I see it, Baby Jogger is so confident of the quality and popularity of their strollers, there is no need for them to throw in a parent console to make them sell.

If you already have a Baby Jogger stroller, I am sure you already know how well made the strollers are.  However, the universal parent console is an essential accessory that will enhance your enjoyment of the stroller, and the features and benefits of the console is what this review is all about.

As a jogger Dad, jogging strollers are not complete for me without the parent and child trays. Where would you store your drink bottle, securely keep your phone, car and house keys? Maybe, stuff some items in your pockets, but what about storage within easy reach for baby snacks and drinks when you take your child out for a long jog?

Th convenience of having stuff you need within a stretch of your hand while jogging is a major benefit of the parent console in a jogging stroller.

Most parent consoles attach to the handle or handlebar of jogging strollers, and would have storage for drink bottles, cup holders and zipped compartments for secure storage of personal items like keys, phones, wallets, or portable media player for your favorite jogging and exercise music.

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Baby Jogger Parents Consoles as Additional Storage

Storage space on a baby jogger stroller is not lacking in anyway, with ample space in the undercarriage cargo bay, large pocket at the back of the seat and inside side pockets on the seats. The parent console however, offer storage that is more conveniently located while jogging – right on the handle and close to your reach without breaking your stride, or stopping to take stuff out if otherwise kept in other storage areas on the jogger.

The universal parent console is designed to fit all models of Baby Jogger single and double strollers. I will review the features, and list the models of strollers you are expected to use it with.

The Universal Baby Jogger Parent Console

Baby Jogger Parent Console 3 Compartments

3 Compartments on Parent Console

The universal parent console provides storage for those items joggers would likely use on the go.  It attaches to the handlebar of of a Baby Jogger single or double stroller, and at the right level for a short or tall parent, It has a cup holder for drinks necessary to keep you re-hydrated, especially on long jogging exercises.

In addition, there are two storage pouches, one insulated for a mini cooler, and the other for cell phone, portable media player, keys or wallet, all within easy reach when you need them.

The Baby Jogger parent console is made of flexible material that is not in the way, as would be the case if made of rigid plastic. It can be fixed in 3 different positions on the handlebar on a stroller. The 3 compartments are in small and larger sizes that can hold 3 cups, bottles or cans of drink.

However, the best use for me is a drink in the open compartment to the left that holds the size of a soda can, and personal items or child’s toys in the other two compartments that can be covered and secured with Velcro. The covered compartments is very usefully if you are in crowded areas where you would like to hide expensive smart phones and media players from prying eyes.

The console is available in black color that blends well with the following models of Baby Jogger strollers: All range of City Mini, City Select, City Elite, City Versa, the Summit, and F.I.T

Dimensions: The console measures 36.07 x 15.75 x 5.84 centimeters, and weighs only 0.04 kg

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What Customers are Saying

The universal Baby Jogger parent console has mixed reviews by parents who have purchased and used it. Overall, parents are satisfied with it. Currently rated 3.7 out of 5 Stars on Amazon, the console has a list price of just under $30. At the time of writing this review, Amazon has a promotional deal on the console, plus free shipping.

Here are some of the what parents have to say about the console:

  • This is the story of a mom who went shopping for an umbrella stroller but ended up splashing out on a Baby Jogger City Mini, knowing that the stroller comes with no accessories. She still did not hesitate to dig deeper into her money bag for the parent console. An umbrella stroller would have cost her less than $100, but she spent close to $300 on her City Mini and a parent console, and she is loving it. One of the best buying decisions she has ever made, she remarked. 
  • Sturdy and spacious another parent observed. It doesn’t look cheap, and I use the Velcro compartment to store phones, keys and money when I go out.

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Any Complaints?

Though the parent console is designed to fit all models of Baby Jogger single or double strollers, while it has been a perfect fit for some models, particularly the City Mini, City Select and City Elite, parents with double strollers and the Summit X3 have observed they find it difficult to keep the console horizontal on their strollers.

It could be that parents with those models of strollers did not fit the console properly, as others were quite happy with their purchase.

Where to get a good deal on Baby Jogger Parent Console

The best deals on  parent consoles for jogging strollers are online, and my favorite choice is Amazon for their trusted reputable and excellent customer service. I like to know that when things I buy online are delivered but fall short of my expectations, that I can return them without hassle, or having to pay for the cost of return.

The peace of mind, regular promo deals and free shipping thrown in are what I like about Amazon, and you can head over and check today’s price of the Baby Jogger parent console.

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.

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