Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Bicycle Trailer Stroller Review

Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Trailer StrollerDogs, especially big dogs love going outside and running around. In fact, they need it to stay healthy, much like humans. However, when dogs get older, or are recovering from an illness, they won’t be able to keep up with you and your long walks or jogs like they used to.

Perhaps, this is the time you should consider helping them out with a pet stroller, like the multi-purpose and versatile 3-in-1 Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Bicycle Trailer Stroller.

Aosom Elite II Pet Trailer Stroller is rugged and converts easily from a dog bike trailer, jogger and stroller.  It is ideal for active dog lovers that enjoy riding their bicycles and jogging with their pets.

You can read the full review of the Pet Trailer stroller below:

Key Features of  Aosom Elite II 3 in 1 Pet Trailer

Some of the features Pet owners like about the bike trailer are:

  • Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Trailer - BlueLightweight Steel Frame – Aosom Elite II Pet Trailer is easy to push when you’re jogging, and easy to pull when you go biking. This is all thanks to tis lightweight steel frame, easy to carry and very sturdy.
  • 20” Wheels – the tires come deflated, so you should keep a bike pump handy to inflate them. These tires are designed to easily go over obstacles on the road for an easy ride.
  • Converts to Stroller – An advantage of owning the Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Trailer is that it easily converts to a stroller. Now you can take your pet with you when you go to get errands, or when you want to go for a jog instead of a ride.
  • Three Entrances – The stroller comes with three openings for your convenience: one at the top, one at the front and one at the back. This makes it easy for your pet to get out of the cabin.
  • Large Cabin – The cabin is very spacious and can accommodate at least two small dogs or one big dog.
  • Storage Pocket on each Side – Have pet food or water bottles for the ride? Store them on either side of the trailer inside the included pockets.
  • Type A Bike Hitch – The bike hitch folds underneath the trailer when you are using it as a stroller. It easily folds out and attaches to your bike at a safe distance.

Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Bicycle Trailer Stroller in Red – the more popular color with pet owners.

Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Bicycle Trailer Stroller Jogger - RedAosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Bicycle Trailer Stroller Jogger – Redprice

 Safety Features

  • Swivel Front Wheel – The front wheel of the stroller can be fixed in place to help you keep in control when you use the stroller to take your pets jogging. This adds stability to your run, and helps prevent a potential crash.
  • Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Trailer Safety FeaturesAdjustable Handlebar – People come in all shapes and sizes, the adjustable handlebars allow anyone to push it more comfortably, as it easily adjusts to your height.
  • Mesh Door Ventilation – If you’re worried that your pet is going to suffocate in the cabin, worry not because the trailer features a mesh door ventilation system, which will allow fresh air to go inside, while preventing your pets from going out.
  • Safety Leash – Inside the cabin is a safety leash that allows you to attach it to your pet’s collar. This way, you can open the top door of the cabin and have them stick their head out, without fear of them suddenly jumping off during the ride.
  • Suspension – Do you like going off road? The suspension of the Aosom Elite II Dog Bike Trailer features a suspension system that will allow you to go through your favorite off road routes, without your dog experiencing discomfort inside.
  • Rain Guard – Aside from the mesh window, the front of the stroller features a rain guard that is made from a plastic material that can be rolled up and folded on the top of the window when not in use. The rain guard will prevent your pet from getting wet during a rainy ride.
  • Visibility Flag – the trailer comes with a bright flag of the cabin’s color. It hangs behind the trailer so that riders behind you can easily see the trailer and prevent themselves from running into you.

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Available Styles

Some sites only offer the Black and White design of the trailer, and other websites offer it in blue and white as well as red and black. If you want a specific design, you may want to shop around to find the color you prefer. I prefer the red and black color as it makes you and your pet more visible to other road users.

The two available colors of Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Bicycle Trailer Stroller – Red and Blue

Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Bicycle Trailer Stroller Jogger - RedAosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Bicycle Trailer Stroller Jogger – RedpriceAosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Bicycle Trailer Stroller Jogger - BlueAosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Bicycle Trailer Stroller Jogger – Blueprice

 Size and Capacity

Before you consider getting any type of dog stroller or trailer, I recommend you check the specification before you buy. This ensures that the trailer can handle your pet’s weight, because some trailers are only designed for smaller dogs and not bigger dogs. Here are the specifications of the Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Trailer:

  • Maximum Capacity: 88lbs
  • Assembled Weight: 37lbs
  • Front Wheel: 10” x 2”
  • Rear Wheel: 20” x 1.75”
  • Overall: 52”Dx 31”W x 40.5”T
  • Interior: 30.5”D x 23.5”W x 21.5”T

How much should you pay?

The Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Trailer is sold for $279.99 on the manufacturer’s website, or less when on promotion.   You can however get the Pet Dog Trailer often cheaper with free shipping on major online stores. I have seen the 3 in 1 pet dog trailer stroller discounted for over 50% at the time of writing this review.

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Video Review

Here is a video of how to assemble Aosom Elite 3 in 1 Pet Trailer Stroller


Customers who have used the product are generally satisfied with the Pet trailer, with the exception of a few points such as:

  • The lack of a cover for the front wheel stowage metal tube in the back. Pet owners are concerned that it could potentially injure their pets as they get on and off the trailer
  • Some users have would like to see more padding in the interior, and suggested this for future upgrade of the Aosom Elite II Pet Trailer. You can however add extra padding or pet blanket if you wish.
    Other than the mentioned points, the trailer handles easily and is the first choice of many pet owners.


The Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Trailer is certainly worth your cash as it works excellently for your pet’s comfort. The complaints about the trailer can be easily fixed, so it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle for you. The best deal for this is still from online stores like Amazon.Check Today's Price

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.

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